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Yoga Bunny - Brian Russo

I Am Yoga- Susan Verde

I Am Enough - Grace Byers

Yoga Bug - Simple Poses for Little Ones - Sarah Jane Hinder

Peaceful PIggy - Kerry Lee MacLean

A Morning with Grandpa - Sylvia Liu

Cosmic Lullaby - Jennifer Spence

Yoga Friends - Mariam Gates

Dinosaur Yoga - Mariam Gates

Zoo Zen - Kristen Fischer

Goodmorning Yoga - Mariam Gates

Goodnight Yoga - Mariam Gates

Yawning Yoga - Laurie Jordan

Anna and her Rainbow Colored Yoga Mats - Giselle Shardlow

The Grateful Giraffe - Giselle Shardlow


Nonni's Moon - Julia Inserro
Seeds and Trees: A Children's Book about the Power of Words - Brandon Walden
The Memory Box: A book about Grief - Joanna Rowland
Firenze's Light - Jessica Collaco
The Wonderful Things You Will Be - Emily Windfield Martin
Moody Cow Meditates - Kerry Lee MacLean
Listening With my Heart - Gabi Garcia
Sitting Still Like a Frog: Mindfulness Exercises for Kids and Their Parents - Eline Snel
Mindful Monkey Happy Panda - Lauren Alderfer
The Lemonade Hurricane: A Story of Mindfulness and Meditation - Licia Morelli
Breathe With Me: Using Breath to Feel Strong, Calm, and Happy - Mariam Gates
I Am Peace - Susan Verde



Dear Lululemon Mat: 
Thank you for always supporting me. For keeping my feet on the ground, keeping me balanced and providing support. You're an amazing therapist and the greatest friend a girl could have. You always listen and know exactly what I need. You let me pull and stretch you without complaint. You don't mind when I stink. You know all of my secrets, fears, hopes, dreams, best and worst ideas. You remind me when we haven't hung out enough. Unrolling you, I always feel like I'm coming home after being away for years! I appreciate you. I'm grateful for the ways which you've changed my life. Literally and figuratively. You've lifted me up, laid me down, helped me to get stronger, and helped me grow both inside and out. You've made my life stronger and it wouldn't be the same without you. How can I thank you enough for you're just a mat, but really you're so much more!